Our Mission

To deliver good quality baby & toddler wear that is handmade and affordable. We specialize in creating trendy and timeless garments that is also ideal for our playful explorers.

Our Brand

After the birth of my first born son, Logan, I decided to direct my energy and passion to
designing and creating a range of baby clothes and other accessories. This is where Little
Rose was lovingly born and named after my little angel, Logan Roos.

We are committed to using only locally sourced quality fabrics  & well experienced seamstresses. Little Rose is 100% Proudly South African & we pride ourselves in making sure that every step of the production process is true to this.

We continuously think outside the box when it comes to our trendy and playful nursery and
playroom décor. In the process we produce modern and unique décor and toys that will
provide a lifetime of happy memories and can ultimately be passed onto future generations.
Watch our toys light up the face of every little explorer, both boys or girls.

Your support enables us to expand our store to provide a variety of products you can
purchase from the comfort of your home. We will continue to explore and expand to ensure
we meet the needs of our mommies from baby wear, décor, toys, maternity wear and
everything a mommy needs whilst pregnant and after the little angel(s) has arrived.
I trust you enjoyed your Little Rose shopping experience and felt the love in the creation of
each and every handmade product.

Thank you for visiting and shopping.
Fritz-Lee and Logan

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